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Who Are We?

“In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35 (ESV)

1. How long has KCOT (Kind Christian Outreach Trust) been operating?

In 2010 the original trustees gathered and asked how and in what manner they can uplift the community of Southern KwaZulu Natal where only ± 26% of the approximate one million people in this area are employed.

2. The problem 

There is a desperate need for more knowledge from the Word of God in previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa. People face serious challenges in their communities like the danger of false teachings and misleading practices, the lack of spiritual guidance, violence, rape, burglaries, and exploitation of the vulnerable.
Church leaders yearn to be better equipped so that they can confidently take the lead in their communities and exert greater influence to the benefit of all.

Today millions of untrained pastors serve in churches around the world. This is because formal theological training is neither affordable nor accessible to the majority of the world’s untrained pastors.
– US Centre for World Missions –

3. Driven by our passion and vision, KCOT empowers church leaders through:

  • Providing in-depth Bible training to pastors, lay preachers, evangelists, and other church members, old and young, men and women in previously disadvantaged communities.
  • Helping to fulfill the deep need for proper Biblical knowledge that can stimulate growth in faith, character, and skills.
  • Helping to uplift communities in need with the knowledge, values, and love of God.
  • Providing affordable, quality studies for people longing for it.
  • Bringing the opportunity for training to the doorstep of students through personal contact classes.
  • Giving continued support to Alumni in their work in their communities. Our unswerving faith and commitment will change and improve lives.

4.  Projects

Training program:

Aims to:

  • Equip church leaders in the rural areas of Southern KwaZulu-Natal and the north-eastern parts of the Eastern Cape in the Word of God via distance learning classes (Mukhanyo Theological College).
  • Ensure that students can get easily accessible, affordable, and high-standard training.

Practical upliftment program:

Aims to:

  • Give assistance to alumni to practically implement the skills, developed through the training, in their communities.
  • Keep in contact with alumni.
  • Provide an annual training/refresher opportunity.
  • Practical upliftment program

5.  Current situation 

KCOT Service Area displayed on a map

      Currently, KCOT have 7 local learning sites situated in:

We currently have 4 Tutors presenting the following Mukhanyo Theological College programs to 50 students:

  • Higher Certificate in Bible Teaching
  • Higher Certificate in Church Ministry
  • English Focus
  • isiZulu Focus

6.  What successes did we have so far?

Since KCOT started training through Mukhanyo Theological College in 2013 up to March 2024,  19 students completed their Diploma in Theology, 28 students  the Higher Certificate in Bible Teaching,  4 students the Higher Certificate in Church Ministry and 2 students the isiZulu Focus .  KCOT also assisted two students who completed their ThB degrees through North West University and one student who completed his BTh Honours degree, also through NWU.