Community Needs

19 And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19 (ESV)

Operating Budget

Breakdown of costs per student per year according to field of study:

Diploma Diploma in Theology:  R6 000 – R6000 / $545 / 400

Degree Bachelors in Theology: R32 000 + (Books) R10 000 = R 42 000 / $3818 / 2800


Objectives and Priorities This Year

– Objective 1: To generate sufficient funds to launch Docenda in January 2016 with 8 students.

Contact person: Hannes Steenekamp

To obtain Docenda will cost ± ZAR 100000.00 If KCOT buys the facility directly from Docenda we will then have the opportunity to train teachers and nurses as well as theology students via NWU. The study fees per student will be ± ZAR 32000.00 per annum plus an annual increase similar to the inflation rate. KCOT’s goal is to train a minimum of 25 students per annum. To do that KCOT needs to obtain ZAR 1000000.00 interest per annum from investments.

At present, our students come to KCOT’s training by word of mouth. The demand is very high due to the fact that KCOT’s standard and quality of training are of a high standard, trustworthy, and well respected.

– Objective 2: To generate sufficient funds to accommodate 10 to 15 students via TOPIA in January 2016.

Contact person: Rev. Johannes Aucamp, cell 0728157375,

The program has not yet been completed and launched therefore the price is unavailable. The cost to purchase the program should be between ZAR 15000.00 and ZAR 25000.00.

The present students will be the canvassers for TOPIA candidates in their congregations as KCOT is well known and respected in the black communities.

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