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To train and enable as many as possible preachers, elders, nurses and teachers in underprivileged areas via the White board system of North West University of South Africa, so that they can uplift their communities physically and spiritually- trusting that God will provide for what is needed.


The purpose of KCOT is to be the financial, educational and supporting link between donors and students by obtaining sufficient capital for investment purposes and using the interest for training the disadvantaged students as mentioned above. These funds will be used to further students’ knowledge and skills in God’s Word to become lay-preachers, teachers and nurses in the previously disadvantaged community.


Communication: Communication between KCOT, students and the partners is of vital importance.

Integrity: Teamwork and integrity are the cornerstones of the relation between KCOT, the partners and students.

Accountability: Accountability and transparency are always an integral part of all good governance, therefore also of KCOT.

Commitment to success: KCOT is fully committed to achieve success so that their students can be successful in return.

Trustworthy: Everybody must know that KCOT can be trusted at all times and strives to convey this value to the students.

Community: The community must be convinced that all KCOT’s efforts are solely to benefit the community in every possible manner.

Partnership: Without the assistance of partners KCOT won’t be able to do any training, as it is totally dependent upon the financial assistance of its partners.

Honesty: The trustees of KCOT are setting the trend of total honesty, which is then conveyed to the partners, the students and the community.

Enabling: The knowledge gained by the students enables them to spread the pure Word of God to the community to gain high moral values and reduce the dependence upon unbiblical ancestral beliefs.

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